FLESH IRRADIATION is an interactive multimedia performance art project started by SUKA OFF in 2014. Every part of the this project explores different aspects and meanings of the body being exposed to various kinds of radiation.
The performance takes place in complete darkness. In order to see it, the audience has to take pictures with the cameras they receive at the entrance. They can watch it in two ways: directly, when the camera flashes, or indirectly on the camera’s screen after taking a picture.
All pictures taken during the performance are later used to create a stop motion video.


28.09.2014 / Galerie Hors Champs / Paris / FR
20.06.2015 / OMISSIS Festival / Gradisca d'Isonzo / IT
19.09.2015 / MBA / Lyon / FR
14.12.2016 / Venice International Performance Art Week / Venice / IT