Amorphous Bodies: The Uncanny in Performance
Laura Bissell about SUKA OFF's "tranSfera"
Body, Space & Technology / Vol.09 / No.02

Abuse Showcase SUKA OFF
Interview by Simina Neagu
IN-SPHERE. a world behind curtains / Sept. 2010

Between anthropology and politics.
Two strands of Polish alternative theatre.
Tadeusz Kornas
The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute
Warsaw / 2007

The meat factory
Denise Stanborough about SUKA OFF
Bizarre / Issue 111 / June 2006

Article about horror/sm theatre
Agnes Giard
SM Sniper / Issue 11 / 2006

Sins of the Flesh
Alison B about SUKA OFF
Alternative London / Issue 10 / 2005