In 2000 Piotr Wegrzynski founded Black Flesh Video as a SUKA OFF section dedicated to video works of all kinds: performances for camera and videos for performances, video art, vj sets, music  videos and fashion films. 
Since 2008 the project slowly evolved into a new one - INSIDE FLESH, which is focused entirely on  subjects of sexuality. Since 2012 IF is the only active video project. 

BFV/IF productions are being presented internationally at festivals and art galleries. So far there were four major retrospectives of BFV works: in Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw (at the festival "Odkryte/Zakryte"), at The Others gallery in London (during the SUKA OFF solo exhibition), during a special event "SUKA OFF 24h" at the Center of Creative Actions "1500m2 for rent" and at the 6th Berlin Pornfilmfestival.